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Development Fund

The Development Fund has been established to improve the quality of life and achievements of students and staff at Alton College. It will do this by providing Grants to students (or groups of students) and by supporting projects aimed at developing the college infrastructure and the well being of staff. In the past 6 years over £100,000 in grants have been made.  Demand however is growing and we cannot always meet all the requests we receive so we need to continue to raise new funding for this very important scheme.


Student Grant


Grants are awarded to full-time students, aged 16-19, studying at Alton College. The grant scheme awards individual students or groups of students upto £500 to be used for specific activities such as additional tuition, field trips or items of equipment associated with their studies.


College Infrastructure


The development fund will support specific projects that help develop and maintain the excellent quality of the infrastructure at the college. This typically will be for work that the college cannot fund itself e.g. specific items of equipment


Staff Development


The development fund will, in consultation with the college, provide funding specifically aimed at the development and well being of staff at the college. The Foundation believes that the college staff play a pivotal role in the development of the lives of the students and that in these difficult financial conditions need our support and encouragement.



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